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A camera has the ability to bring the entire world to a halt. It depicts both the world as we know it and the world beyond. I see photography as a colorful and light-filled painting. Weddings are the most beautiful events on the planet, and wedding photography is the art of capturing the events of a wedding (Pre and Post wedding).

Weddings are a big deal, and they’re the only sweet memories we’ll have for the rest of our lives. The wedding photos should be as spectacular as the ceremony itself. Wedding photography comes in a variety of colours, as weddings are always vibrant and full of emotions. Weddings aren’t just about emotions and sentiments; they’re also about having a lot of fun and frolic.

The concept of wedding photography, according to history, emerged following World War II. Previously, photography was a time-consuming activity that required the use of films, negatives, and then analog cameras, and now we see expert photographers using digital SLR cameras.

Analog cameras only produced low-quality images, whereas SLR cameras provide high-quality images and allow us to alter ambient light, which is always a problem for a photographer.

Wedding photography has many forms, but the most common are Traditional, Photojournalistic, and Contemporary wedding photography.

Traditional photography, as the name implies, consists of classically posed photographs shot on the wedding day, whereas photojournalistic photography consists of editing and adding more technological possibilities to the wedding photographs. We have a variety of software alternatives for editing and improving photographs in photography. The majority of the time, we find photographers combining these styles. Traditional photography, in which the photographer captures the atmosphere and storyline of the day, is diametrically opposed to contemporary/fashion photography. Contemporary photographers are trained experts who offer both indoor and outdoor photography, as well as photojournalistic elements to enhance the images.

The wedding photography market is disorganized, with a wide range of styles, ideas, and professionals. People enter into wedding photography without any prior experience given that they have access to the most up-to-date technologies. It is critical to have a high level of patience and curiosity because it is demanding work that requires one to stay attentive throughout the ceremony for lengthy periods of time and the ability to forecast and capture emotions. Professional instruction is available from reputable institutes for those interested in becoming wedding photographers. Because there is always a high demand for wedding photographers, it is critical to maintain great job quality.

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